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The Breakdown of our Signature Winter Preparation

Wheels, Tires, Wheel Wells:
  • Wheels are cleaned with non-acid cleaners
  • Tires scrubbed free of old dressings, road grime and brake material
  • Wheel wells scrubbed and dressed

Pre-wash and Touchless Pre-soaking:
  • Paintwork is treated with a gentle pre-soak to soften road film and any grime
  • Vehicle is foamed with a high lubricity foam to loosen and carefully lift away any debris before being thoroughly rinsed prior to anything touching it.

Delicate Hand Wash:
  • Exterior is delicately washed by hand with pH neutral soap

Paint Decontamination:
  • Paintwork is decontaminated via gentle chemical process during the wash stage as applicable and post-wash to ensure all surface contamination is eliminated prior to paint prep.

Paint Preparation Polishing:
  • Paintwork is lightly polished in preparation for accepting protection. Gloss and clarity are improved as well as cleaning the paint chemically for maximum wax durability. (This is not a dedicated corrective process)

  • Paintwork recieves 2 layers of hard-wearing winter sealant
  • Door jambs, sills and shuts are sealed

Interior and Leather Surfaces
  • Interior surfaces are cleaned separately depending on their materials
  • All interior surfaces are then treated to a non-stick UV protectant that provides a factory look
  • All interior leathers are cleaned and conditioned

Carpets and Fabric
  • All carpeting and fabrics are vacuumed and brushed
  • Isolated stains are treated and extracted
  • Fabric protection is available to aid in future cleaning and help prevent staining

Door Seals
  • Door seals and rubbers are treated with a conditioning treatment to help prevent drying, cracking and sticking to door shuts

Cost: Starting at $245
Time Requirement: 6-10 hours

Notes: This is WNY's only specialized winter protection preparation. The products and processes used within have been tested over years of winter preparations to maximize effective total protection for the treated vehicle.

Additional for winter survival
  • Protection Top-Ups - Additional protection during the season - recommended if you frequent touchless washes which use heavy detergents to compensate for the lack of gentle touch for cleaning.
  • Safe Winter Hand Detail Washes - More expensive than a monthly "tunnel" pass. No brushes, no harsh detergents or alkaline/acid baths - gentle thorough cleaning with thorough underbody rinsing. Strongly recommended at the very least  twice monthly.


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